Health Insurance

Individual Medical Insurance

Looking for individual health insurance? You’ve come to the right place!

We offer Private and Government Marketplace health insurance products. We are available to help you:

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  • Compare plans, premiums, carriers, and networks
  • Determine eligibility for government subsidies to offset your costs
  • Find the right level of coverage that best meets your needs with regard to protection and affordability

At Best Insurance Agency, Inc., we are Certified Health Insurance Marketplace Agents.

Medicare Supplement Plans

As you approach age 65, you will be overwhelmed with ads and information about Medicare Supplement plans.

happy senior couple at the beachMedicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap), is supplemental insurance to cover the “gaps” that Original Medicare (parts A & B) doesn’t cover. This ranges from co-payments to coinsurance and deductibles.

The benefits offered in every Medigap policy have been standardized by the Federal Government, which allows them to be easily compared between insurance carriers. Our experienced agents can help you through the maze of information and provide you with the proper coverage.